5 essential Instagram metrics to measure performance


5 essential Instagram metrics to measure performance

Instagram is the fastest growing social network in the world. If you ever decided to use Instagram as an advertising channel, it will be able to bring 20-80% of sales for your business. To monitor the pace of project development, you need to track base performance indicators, expressed in numerical terms. Thus, you can systematically approach your business on Instagram, delegate tasks and achieve your goals. By using these metrics, you can see which part of your account should be upgraded. This article will help you to find the most efficient metrics that show the essential statistics of your account.

Subscribers Growth

Subscribers growth is the main parameter for your success. It is because the brand owner primary concern is community growth. It depends on such factors as the quality of content, geolocation, well-formulated URLs, and clear segmentation of the target audience.

The number of publications by bloggers and opinion leaders

As the practice shows, commercial accounts on Instagram need to publish from 10 to 30 posts per month. It is preferable that the engagement rating is not lower than 2%. Native advertising is a proven account promotion tool. Advertising in the accounts of bloggers and opinion leaders usually gives good benefit. As many articles  say, people have a high level of trust in influencers and bloggers, which allows them to create a tied interaction and communication between them.

The amount of growth from mass-following

On average, for commercial accounts, mass-followings attract 800-1500 subscribers per month. However, indicators depend on the scope. If you are using mass-following and mass-sharing tools to promote your page on Instagram, you can predict the result in advance. The effectiveness of mass follow-up is greatly influenced by the quality of the content, the design of the account and the well-chosen target audience. This method was popular at the beginning of Instagram and remains relevant until now. At the moment, the conversion of 8% is considered good.

Targeting in Instagram

Many SMM experts predict that targeted advertising will be the most effective tool. Depending on how you set up the advertising campaign, the cost of a click can vary from 10 cents to $15. What determines the quality of customization? Since Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook, their performance indicators are similar. The basis of effective targeting is the correct segmentation of the target audience and a quality advertising proposal. Create a portrait of your ideal client by choosing his gender, interests, geolocation, age etc.

The number of transitions to the site

Very often this indicator is used by online stores with a large assortment of goods. In the description of the post, insert a link with a short URL tag in order to track in the analytics the number of clicks to the site from Instagram. By the way, about the tool itself. Users usually do not like to leave this social network, and often conduct all communications on the site. Therefore, transitions to the site are a relative indicator.

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