5 best apps for Instagram stories


5 best apps for Instagram stories

It seems like there’s a new Instagram Story trend popping up every few weeks – at first everyone is posting pics and videos of them as old people, then people are using an outside app to see which celebrity they resemble and so on. Instagram stories have become crazy popular over the last few years with brands and influencers posting stories consistently every day and if you also want to take advantage of Instagram stories to boost your account on Instagram, there are tons of cool apps you can use to make your stories more interesting and unique.

Use Unfold to get awesome Instagram story templates

If you post stories often and you’d like to have a ready-made template that will help your stories stand out and look consistent every day, check out Unfold. This app allows you to easily create Instagram story templates without having to spend hours in Photoshop. The app is famous for its clean-cut Polaroid and film strip templates and it’s been a huge hit with the influencer community.

Change the size of your Instagram stories with InShot

InShot is another super useful app for posting great Instagram stories. This app allows you to change the size and aspect ratio of your photos and videos to fit the Instagram story format or crop them if you wish. You can also use InShot to add a background to your Instagram story media – it can either be a photo from your device or a plain colored background.

Add an artsy touch to your stories with A Design Kit

If you want to add a bit more of creativity and fun to your stories, check out A Design Kit. This app has a ton of different stickers, image backgrounds and life-like brushes that will help you quickly add some life to the photos in your stories.

Use Adobe Spark Post to spice up your stories

Even though Adobe is mostly known for their professional business products, Adobe Spark Post is a great Instagram story app that is available on both Android and iOS. This free app is full of fonts, filters and even stock photos that will help you keep up your Instagram story game.

Make your Instagram stories stand out with Mojo

Instagram users are going crazy for animation in stories right now and with Mojo you can take advantage of this trend to boost your account. You can use this app to add all kinds of animation to videos and photos, crop them, adjust colors, change video speed, add titles, special effects and more. Your followers will love watching your stories after you start using Mojo.

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