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Do you want to buy lots of Instagram likes but worry that you might get scammed or not be satisfied with the service? Do you have a small account that just needs a little boost of engagement? Or do you maybe have a girlfriend who is upset that her posts are not getting enough likes? Then this package is perfect for you! On this page, you can buy 15 Instagram likes from real users for just a few dollars.

Benefits of buying 15 likes on Instagram

First of all, buying a package of 15 Instagram likes allows you to check the quality of the service Instagrow provides. We know how many scammers there are out there, which is why we are happy to let our customers buy small amnounts of Instagram likes to check the quality. Secondly, buying 15 paid likes is perfect for people with small accounts, as it doesn’t make a huge difference in the account and raise suspicion but it still improves your engagement and gives your profile a better chance of eventually growing a large following.

Frequently asked questions

Can my Instagram account get banned for buying 15 likes?

No, when you buy likes from Instagrow, you can be 100% certain that there will be no negative repercussions for you in the future. This is because all the accounts that will leave likes on your page are real.

Can I split paid Instagram likes between different posts?

Yes, you can split the likes in one package between as many posts as you wish. Once you enter your Instagram username, you will see all your Instagram posts on the page. If you choose one post, all the likes in the package will be sent to that post, but if you choose several photos, likes will be distributed evenly among them.

Can paid Instagram likes help me grow my account?

Absolutely! Buying paid likes on Instagram increases your engagement, which, in turn, sends a signal to Instagram that your posts are interesting. This increases the chances of your posts and stories being shown to more users on the platform.

Get REAL likes and followers on Instagram

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  • 100% Money Back
  • Real accounts!
  • 24/7 Support
  • Secure Payment


  • 100% Money Back
  • Real accounts!
  • 24/7 Support
  • Secure Payment


  • 100% Money Back
  • Real accounts!
  • 24/7 Support
  • Secure Payment

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  • 100% Money Back
  • Real accounts!
  • 24/7 Support
  • Secure Payment

19 Customer Reviews

JenniferPosted on8:43 pm - Jun 22, 2020

Hi, how long do likes take to arrive?

Tamara ElliottPosted on6:12 pm - Jul 23, 2020

High-quality likes were added to my page in a timely fashion – great bang for your buck.

Terrence LynchPosted on6:13 pm - Jul 23, 2020

Excellent likes were delivered to my profile quickly – incredible value for money.

Erick VegaPosted on6:13 pm - Jul 23, 2020

Top notch likes were transferred to my Instagram account in minutes – amazing help for your Instagram.

YardenPosted on6:17 am - Jul 27, 2020

Hi! I got one of your package for Instagram likes, got the confirmation from paypal and didn’t see yet the likes on the chosen photo.

NewazPosted on10:20 pm - Jul 31, 2020


How long will the process take?

Ralph SchmidtPosted on10:00 am - Aug 29, 2020

This package was ideal for my personal Instagram account. I got a small boost in likes and it helped my new selfie look even better.

Taylor PatrickPosted on10:01 am - Aug 29, 2020

I bought this package to add a few likes to my girlfriend’s new photo – she was worried nobody liked it. It worked perfectly and she didn’t suspect a thing.

Abel CampbellPosted on10:01 am - Aug 29, 2020

My likes were delivered super quickly and they look very real, all the profiles have bios, posts and all. I couldn’t even figure out which likes were paid at first.

Alfonso WardPosted on10:01 am - Aug 29, 2020

Why is this package so cheap?

Jimmie NashPosted on10:02 am - Aug 29, 2020

The price is so low because you only get 15 likes in this package.

Danny WallacePosted on10:02 am - Aug 29, 2020

Can I get a refund if I’m not happy with my order?

Ramon RiveraPosted on10:02 am - Aug 29, 2020

Absolutely, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Torrey RosenbaumPosted on9:02 am - Apr 15, 2021

I was skeptical about using this site after so many bad experiences but Instagrow delivered exactly what was promised. Now I don’t need to worry when I buy more likes.

Emily BergstromPosted on10:06 am - Apr 19, 2021

I am only starting my path as an influencer on Instagram and I’m so happy I found this site. Now I can improve my engagement numbers quickly.

Rahul GrimesPosted on11:03 am - Apr 21, 2021

This is by far the best site I’ve tried. Others sold me likes from users that were obviously fake but these likes look totally real.

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