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Use Instagram pods to increase your engagement

So you have probably noticed that Instagram has changed the way your feed looks now. It no longer shows posts in chronological order, rather showing people posts that are more popular and can be more interesting for this user. It might be quite annoying as you should constantly take particular actions to keep your account among the “interesting ones”. Luckily, there is one thing called pods, which might help you “hack the algorithm”. Read More

8 best Instagram promotion apps

Instagram is used by more than 400 million users every day. It’s a leading social media platform, which is now used for marketing a lot. It’s a whole new job to be a professional social media marketer and help brands advertise themselves on Instagram. The platform has come a long way to where it is now, adding numerous amazing promotion tools. You cannot overestimate the impact Instagram makes on its users. Let’s take a look at some of the best Android Instagram promotion apps that can improve your experience with Instagram as tools: Read More

What is a better platform to grow your business?

Nowadays, Instagram and Snapchat are getting more and more popular among internet users. Both platforms offer you promotion options that you can use for your brand. Both platforms can be equally good as a promotion tool, depending on your goals. You should know your target audience, what platform do they use, what type of content they like. Also take into account your brand image: what type of content will match it, what kind of advertisement will be more effective. Read More

Are you losing followers on Instagram?

Why do I keep losing followers on Instagram?

Followers on Instagram are an indicator of your successful social media marketing campaign. They are important for building your brand as a large number of followers means a large reach to your content. You can receive valuable feedback which you can use to improve your content. Every brand owner or individual thrives for increasing the number of followers. But what if instead of increasing this number drops? What are some possible reasons why this is happening to your account? Let’s talk about each of them.
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How you can use Instagram for my referral program?

One of the main factors of Instagram’s huge success is that it uses images as its main focal point. You can show off almost anything (if it doesn’t violate Instagram terms and policies). Images actually sell, so why don’t use this Instagram feature in your advantage. The whole platform was created for sharing, discovering and spreading content by using visuals. Read More

How to clear my search history on Instagram?

Instagram is amazing at allowing you to search and find exactly what accounts, hashtags and types of content you’re looking for and it is equally good at using your search and browsing history to predict the kinds of content that you may be interested in and showing you that content. Read More

How to post a GIF on Instagram?

GIFs are incredibly popular on the internet, it would be difficult to find someone who has never used a GIF. And yet, Instagram doesn’t give its users a simple way to post GIFs on Instagram. But don’t worry, there are a few ways you can use to work around this and be able to post GIFs in your Instagram posts, photos, memes and more. Some of these methods involve changing the file format, using a third party website or turning the GIF into a sticker. Read More

Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story or a post?

Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a post or a story?

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How to unblock someone on Instagram?

As you may already know, Instagram has a few safety features that help you feel comfortable and safe when using the platform. For instance, you can report an account if you feel like it is threatening you or violating your rights, you can report a post if you feel like it is breaking Instagram’s rules, or you can block someone on Instagram if you don’t want them to be able to see your posts or contact you on the platform. Read More

How to view a private account on Instagram?

These days a giant portion of our lives is spent on social media: we use it for entertainment, to update our friends on what’s going on in our lives, to check up on what our friends are up to, to update ourselves on the current trends and even to buy clothes, makeup and more. Read More