How to clear my search history on Instagram?


How to clear my search history on Instagram?

Instagram is amazing at allowing you to search and find exactly what accounts, hashtags and types of content you’re looking for and it is equally good at using your search and browsing history to predict the kinds of content that you may be interested in and showing you that content. However, all of these features can be a double-edged sword, as your search history defines what posts you will be shown in the future, plus, it is saved on the app, so if you open it to search for a different account or hashtag, you will be shown a list of things you’ve searched previously. This can be embarrassing or simply unpleasant for you if you’re worried that someone else will see this history, or you may simply want to see some completely new content and not the stuff you’ve already searched for. Here is how you can delete your Instagram search history for privacy or other reasons:

How to delete your Instagram history?

Deleting your search history from Instagram is very simple., All you need to do is open the Instagram app on your phone and log into it. Next, tap the silhouette icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to view your profile and tap the icon that looks like three lines in the upper left corner of the screen. Choose Settings from the menu that comes up and tap Security. Find the Clear Search History option and tap it, then, confirm your action and check to see that the search history has been cleared.

What to do when clearing Instagram search history doesn’t work?

If you’ve tried clearing your Instagram search history using the method above and it didn’t seem to work, there are a few things you can try. First of all, try closing the Instagram app, restarting your phone and opening the app again. If that doesn’t help, log out of your Instagram account by going to your Instagram profile page, tapping the three-line icon in the top right corner of the page and selecting Settings. Find the Log Out option at the bottom of the menu and once you’ve been logged out of your account, log back in by entering your password and username.

The third way to make sure that your Instagram history has been cleared is to clear Instagram cache on your phone. To do this, go to the Settings app on your phone, tap Apps and select Instagram from the list of all apps. Tap Storage and click Clear Cache. If clearing the cache still hasn’t helped, try uninstalling the Instagram app from your phone and then downloading it again. Simply tap the Instagram app icon in the main menu of your phone until you are given the option to delete the app and uninstall it. Then, go to the Play Market or App Store and re-install the app.

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