3 tips for creating perfect Instagram story highlight covers


3 tips for creating perfect Instagram story highlight covers

Instagram stories highlights started out as something useful for brands who want to organize their stories highlights for their customers. But today pretty much everyone uses them: small and large businesses, influencers, and regular users. If you want to enhance the look of your account and keep all of your stories highlights neatly organized, you absolutely need to create stylish Instagram highlights covers! Luckily, this is easy to do using numerous apps and programs like Photoshop, but what should your story highlights covers look like? Here are our 3 tips for perfect free Instagram highlight covers:

Keep in mind your brand’s style when designing highlights covers

One of the best ways to design your Instagram highlight icons is to think about the style you’ve developed for your brand and create covers that reflect it. A great way to start is by using your company’s colors, favorite fonts and even your trademark to create a cohesive Instagram profile. Think about what your website, packaging and products look like and simply follow the same style!

Create Instagram story icons that are descriptive

If you have lots of Instagram highlights that contain useful information for your clients, such as the prices of your services, your return policy, delivery information, current sales and promos, etc., you can opt for highly descriptive covers that tell your followers what exactly they will find in each story highlight. You can choose to put a descriptive image on the cover itself and then name the highlight with a specific name, or you can opt to have the actual name of the highlight section on the icon, just make sure to use your company’s signature font.

Make sure that all of your highlights covers have the same style

Once you know what the general design of your Instagram covers is going to look like, you need to make sure that each cover is going to have the same overall style, this is the only way they will look great together in your Instagram profile. Simply make sure that all the icons on the covers look similar and that the highlight titles are written in the same case. The result will be a flawless Instagram account that your followers will love.

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