How to get verified on Instagram?

One day you are on Instagram and browsing the app. Suddenly, you realize that some Instagram accounts have a blue badge on their profile and others do not. So how did these people go about getting this blue badge and what is it for?

So you type “blue Instagram badge” on Google and come across our article. And you are in luck because here you will find all the answers to your questions.

In other words, by the end of this article, you will know all about Insta verification.

What is the blue Instagram badge?

This blue Instagram badge is the symbol of success on the platform. It means that the Instagram account is verified. This indicates to his community or to people looking for him on the social network, that this account is indeed the official account.

This can be achieved by brands, influencers and celebrities. But you will never see your grandmother or your friend with 300 followers being verified on Instagram.

To get the verified badge on Instagram you must:

  • Follow the general conditions of the use of Instagram. So far easy.
  • Have a public account meaning everyone can access your publications.
  • Have a full Instagram profile.
  • Have a genuine account that belongs to you.
  • Have a unique account. Only one account per person or brand can be verified on your behalf. A fan account cannot have a blue badge.
  • To be famous. This is surely the hardest part of these tasks.

But then why would you want to get the blue Instagram badge and go to so much trouble?

How to get the blue badge on Instagram?

  • Open the app and go to your Settings.
  • Then click on “account”, then “request verification”.
  • You will then have to complete this page with the requested information. Then, attach supporting documents for your identity or your company.
  • Once sent, your request will be processed by the Instagram team. It can be accepted or refused.

Requests for verification are analyzed by Insta moderators. They are the ones who decide whether or not to grant you the blue badge. Requests can take several weeks to process, so be patient.

Once accepted, you will receive an Instagram notification letting you know. You will then be able to see the certified Instagram logo on your profile.

If however this is refused, you can make a new request every 30 days.

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