Top 3 Instagram face filters from famous brands


Top 3 Instagram face filters from famous brands

While the phrase AR, or augmented reality, may sound strange, complicated and even scary, the truth is that you’ve probably tried using the technology, that is, if you’re one of hundreds of thousands of Instagram users who have tried the super fun “Instagram face filters”. Can you believe this?

What are Instagram face filters?

As said above, Instagram face filters actually use augmented reality technology to detect and analyze the features of your face and then overlay a set of camera effects, giving you a video of your face with the filter in real time. You’ve probably seen some of these Instagram AR filter: some of them add dog ears or a fun mask to your face, others improve your features to give you flawless skin or a beautiful smile, others are simply goofy and fun. Brands and influencers love these face filters on Instagram because they are simply made to go viral and spread brand awareness: you see a story your friend made using a filter and you want to try out the filter yourself. How can you do this? You simply need to visit the profile of the creator of the filter, which was their goal all along. It’s a win-win for everyone. So what are the best Instagram face filters created by brands?

Kylie Cosmetics lip filter

The lip filter by Kylie Cosmetics was one of the first face filters to come out and it’s been a hit with Instagrammers everywhere! The filter allows you to try on different shades of lipstick from Kylie’s Lip Kits without having to leave your home. In addition to being a fun filter that can instantly make you feel extra glamorous, this augmented reality filter is perfect for people who want to choose a Kylie lipstick but don’t have a store nearby or don’t want to drive there.

Get nostalgic with the Adidas retro augmented reality filter

Another crowd favorite among AR filters is a retro filter by Adidas Originals. While not designed specifically for selfie videos, the filter instantly a bit of the 90’s nostalgia to any video with the classic VHS tape look. If you do choose to use it for filming you and your friends, try raising your eyebrows while using the filter – this will cause the video to glitch in a very VHS tape manner, and an Adidas logo will appear on the screen.

Diamond Instagram filter by Rihanna

Who doesn’t love Rihanna? Probably nobody, and that’s why everyone is raving about the new diamond headpiece Instagram face filter from the queen herself! If you’ve always wanted to shine bright like a diamond, now you have a chance. And this filter was not created just for fun – Rihanna used it to promote her yearly Diamond Ball, held to help the Clara Lionel Foundation. You can use Rihanna’s example and create your own custom filter to promote or celebrate a special event.

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