Top 5 best Instagram filters from apps


Top 5 best Instagram filters from apps

If you want to create a gorgeous Instagram account that’s envied by thousands of people, you need to learn how to use different photography apps and filters – standard Instagram filters just won’t do the trick. An easy way to create a perfect, aesthetically pleasing feed is to pick one or two similar filters and apply them to all the pictures you post. But with dozens of different apps on the market and thousands of different filters, how can you know which ones to use to create a perfect Instagram profile? In this article we present our top 5 pics for the best Instagram filters.

A6 free Instagram filter by VSCO

If you want to simply enhance your photos without completely changing the way they look, check out the A6 filter by VSCO. This simple filter is a favorite of many Instagram influencers, as it creates a modern, minimalistic feed, while enhancing the color of your photos and bringing out their natural tones. If you A6 is not for you, take a look at other filters in the VSCO app – there are dozens of free and paid options to choose from, and there are even curated packs of filters if you don’t want to use the same filter for all photos but still want your feed to look flawless.

Russ Instagram filter by Afterlight

If you’re looking to create a moody and mysterious profile with slightly faded pictures, check out the Russ filter on the Afterlight app. The filter was created in collaboration with photographer Kevin Russ, and it works perfectly on nearly all photos, so you will never be in a situation where you can’t post a photo because it doesn’t look well with your favorite filter. The filter is also free, so you can try it out without worrying about wasting your money.

Wool filter for Instagram photos by A Color Story

If you love warm sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes and warm Instagram accounts that remind you of beautiful fall days, look no further than the Wool filter by A Color Story. This filter comes in an Instagram filter pack created by Courtney Halverson, and it’s full of gorgeous filters that are perfect for any time of the year and any Instagram style. These filters look great together, so you can mix and match them in your feed.

Pacific Instagram picture filter by A Color Story

If you want to bring a touch of sunny California atmosphere to your Instagram profile, check out the Pacific filter in the Weekender set. This set is designed for people who want to achieve a bold and bright look for their photos and it’s perfect for capturing flowers, beautiful landscapes and everyday life.

S2 Insta filter by VSCO

This filer can quickly bring out the whites in your pictures and give them a bright, clean aesthetic that works perfectly for everyday pictures and lifestyle bloggers. The filter costs just 99 cents on the VSCO app, so why not try it out if you’re shooting for a crisp, clean profile?

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