Instagram hashtag hacks you definitely want to try out


Instagram hashtag hacks you definitely want to try out

Hashtags are a useful tool to help boost your statistics on Instagram. As with new updates you can follow specific hashtags to see the posts you might be interested in, using hashtags is actually a necessity if you want to build a successful Instagram profile. Hashtags are generating the most interactions on your account so it’s in your interest to use them wisely. So here are some tips and hacks you can’t miss.

  1. Add as Many Hashtags to Your Instagram Posts as You Want

There are vivid ongoing debates on how many hashtags you should use under your posts. Some agree it shouldn’t be more than 5-10 hashtags per post others recommend you to use the maximum amount Instagram allows you to. You can also add & before listing your hashtags to bypass the limit of 30. The result will look a little strange so only use it if you really really need to.

  1. Add Line Breaks Before Your Hashtags

Captions are important for your posts and you want them to look good too, however, sometimes Instagram has other plans. It can remove your caption line breaks without your consent. If you add symbols like stars or dashes Instagram can save the line breaks and it’s a good way to separate your hashtag section from all the other text. Later allows you to so without the use of special symbols.

  1. Use Only Relevant Instagram Hashtags to Get More Engagement

Yes of course using the most popular hashtags like #love or #girl can get you a few extra likes but it will not increase your statistics. To actually improve your audience use relevant in your niche hashtags. You will have better chances to be discovered if your hashtags describe what you post.

  1. Use apps to find the rights hashtags

To help you use the best hashtags for your posts you can use special apps or just make a good research. Those hashtags should be popular enough so that Instagram users would actually search for them but at the same time relevant to your content.

  1. Add Hashtags to Your Instagram Stories

Stories can also appear on Explore page so adding hashtags to your stories can help you get there. You can also really increase your chances of being discovered by adding hashtags. Use the hashtag sticker or type them using the text tool.

  1. Hide Your Hashtags in Your Stories

You should always include hashtags to your story. However, they might not always fit there and make your story look spammy. That is when you can choose to hide hashtags but still keep your story discoverable. Make it small (but not too small or it will not be registered by Instagram), hide behind a sticker or gif, color over it, etc.

  1. Track Your Instagram Hashtag Success

By switching to Business profile you will be able to see full statistics on all the hashtags that you’ve used. Keep track of the most successful ones to use them more and eliminate hashtags that fail to bring any traffic to your page.

  1. Add Hashtags to Your Instagram Bio

Put your most popular and relevant hashtags in bio so that people can easily find the information they need.

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