Instagram vs Facebook: which is best for your brand’s strategy?


Instagram vs Facebook: which is best for your brand’s strategy?

We are living in technology century. Literally everyone can easily find any information on the Internet. The biggest part of internet was occupied by social networks. We can mark out two the most popular of them, first is Facebook, second is Instagram. Although, these services were created for chatting or sharing some lifestyle content with friends, people use this for business or their brand’s strategies. Needless to say that social networks provide wide opportunities for promoting a business, increasing the level of brand recognition and the formation of its positive perception. We can only decide which of the social networks will bring more benefit to your business. Let’s figure out which of the most popular social networks in the world should pay attention to first of all.

Where is easier to set up ads

Instagram, the most photogenic social network, became part of Facebook. After that, Facebook’s team added commercial advertising in it. You don’t need to be registered in Instagram, because the advertising account is tied to the Facebook Ads Manager. However, a significant advantage of Instagram is advertising integration. This method of promotion on Facebook did not receive such popularity. On Instagram, advertisers mostly contact bloggers in person. Various researches show that people, who have accounts with a large number of subscribers and an active audience can advertise targeted products and have good profits. What does Facebook offer? Facebook Ads Manager today is the most convenient advertising distribution tool. Thanks to the improved functionality, each user can select the target audience of an advertising post, almost to the “entry point”, which significantly increases the efficiency of the advertising campaign. The microtargeting function can significantly save the budget.

Best for Self Branding

According to marketers, Instagram provides great branding opportunities that are easy to visualize. This is the best social network to promote if your product or service is aesthetically attractive in appearance. You have a chance to create popular content if you are a professional photographer, event organizer, hand-made master or have a home-made patisserie. Such users will easily find their audience on this social network. Facebook is more variable in products which you are offering to your customers. On the other hand, Facebook marketers distinguish their audience as serious specialists who cover a wide field of professional activity. It is difficult to meet individual entrepreneurs, Internet activists, IT specialists, as well as representatives of the creative class, designers, advertisers, marketers and other representatives of the “urbanized” professions. The age of Facebook users ranges from 25 to 50 years. The main Facebook audience has a high social status and income is higher than the average.

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