What to Post on Instagram: 11 Creative and Engaging Ideas


What to Post on Instagram: 11 Creative and Engaging Ideas

Instagram is a very popular social network. Literally one billion people have an Instagram account. Instagram was conceived as a service for a quick share of beautiful photos with friends. But in the 2019, Instagram became the service which can show creative part of your personality. Not everyone can handle an Instagram page in beautiful and engaging condition. Simple pictures, not interesting text under the post which disfigure your post at all, make your page very boring. Users that find your profile will leave your page in five seconds after visiting. To solve that problem, I will describe for you some ideas about interesting posts for your Instagram account. By using these easy advices, your page will become very attractive and engaging.

In progress

Make a picture or video about creating something beautiful. You should show people the most interesting part of process. Instagram users are very fond of videos with an accelerated process of drawing, applying makeup, manicure, building something etc.

Write expert posts

Share your knowledge about some interesting features of your work, give recommendations on choosing a specialist or product. Don’t forget about creating a professional image for your subscribers.

Post something about your life

Make pictures about events in your life. For example, funny moments at the party. Post some photos from tours abroad, or visiting nature. Use interesting light filters to make your post much more creative.

Cup of hot drink

Make the photo of the coffee cup in the morning. Use some charming filters and write  good wishes for your subscribers. It is a very easy and engaging idea for your post that will create a better connection between you and followers.

Antique things

Pictures of antique things will make your page and posts much more creative and intelligent. It shows your interest in art and that you want to comprehend the beauty.

Fruits and vegetables with a bright beautiful texture

This idea of photo makes your profile very soft and in one way funny. Game of colors with some bright filter gives gladness for your post.

Bouquets, beautiful flowers

Everybody loves flowers. Then why shouldn’t you use them for you account. A great way to enlighten your posts and make them more delightful.

Charity and environment help

Tell your subscribers about the good work that you have done: how you and your team take care of nature, sort garbage, waste paper, or help homeless animals. Inspire people to help each other.

Photos of partners and friends

Write something about interesting people and the business they do, recommend useful service. There is a double benefit: useful to subscribers and nice to friends. No doubt, it will be very pleasing for your friends to hear such warm words.

Product in package

Very unexpected type of content but not less creative than others. Under this post you should write your feelings about this product while opening it.


Show the tools with which you create your products at work, or having fun with your hobbies: scissors for a seamstress, brushes for an artist, a cook for a cook. Write how much time it took to learn what you are doing.

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